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Tribes AI

How to install Tribes AI:

1, Download Tribes AI mod, open with winrar and copy BaseBotsSTS.pkg from Content\ Classes to your TV Conten\Classes folder (example: C:\Games\Tribes Vengeance\Content\Classes )

2, Copy TVai folder to your TV main folder (example: C:\Games\Tribes Vengeance ) so you will have 3 folders in your TV main folder - Content, Program and TVai

3, Download BotMaps  ( download below ) Open with winrar and file from HavokData copy to your HavokData folder (example: C:\Games\Tribes Vengeance\Content\HavokData ) and file from Maps copy to your maps folder (example: C:\Games\Tribes Vengeance\Content\Maps )

4, Start TVai by double-click on TVai.bat located in TVai folder in your main TV folder (example: C:\Games\Tribes Vengeance\TVai ) < Dont use the shortcut "TRIBESai", it navigates to F:\TribesVoriginal...... > If you want, you can make your own shortcut.

5, In main menu, click Multiplayer → Host and select a map for bots (example Tropics Bots v7) start a server and join to a team. Go near to the Imperial base and search for "AI activation console", its an object with control panels. After you find it, you will see control panels on a desk, control panels you can remeber from singleplayer. On the desk is "TEAM 01" "TEAM 02". Team 01 is Imperial/Phoenix I think, maybe I am wrong. So by activating control panels on Team 01, you will add bots to Imperail/Phoenix team. But there are 7 control panels → I made an Excel file about control panels: How many bots it will add, their armor, weps... download below (bots.xls).

Bugs: If you will not be able to see your crosshair, you must install any unofficial crosshair and install it (= you will not be able to see your crosshair only with default tv reticles) You can download crosshair on this website: Sometimes, if bot returns the flag, you (or your teammate) can capture the flag, but the flag is still where the enemy dropped it, and enemy can stole the dropped flag!

Bots can: Defend flag, destroy enemy sensor, generator, invetories... capture a flag, repair sensor, generator, inventories, deployables, other peoples... Use vehicles (Assault ship is their priority) Bots can use the "energy blade". They can use quickchat (Light phoenix spotted, For the blood eagle!, Aaaaargh!, I´ll destroy the enemy generator etc...) but they arent registered as players so you cant see what they are saying chat bar and you can hear them only if you are near to them. 

Bots can´t: Deploy deployables, they have 3 weapons, but they are using only 2 weps. The third weapon is cg (chaingun) They cant use the rover for a spawn point (they will never go out from the rover). They dont know what are they doing, so sometimes you can see a bot with the enemy flag standing near to the enemy base - he dont know he must cap the flag quickest how he can.

You can make your own bot maps, download MP Template Bots and Bots + todos

P.S: They moving very slowly, and it looks they cant ski. But when they start shooting, they are flying very good - sometimes its harder to hit them and they are very great at midairs! (ehm, they arent so good, but great when nobody is online, its fun and you can play 15vs15, not just duels, like gold old times!)

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